Electro forging at one end

We develop upsetted head forging to the customer’s design

We produce parts forged at one end with 4mm to 200mm diameter shafts with lengths from 50mm to 4000mm.
The size of the forged head can reach a maximum diameter of 450mm.

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Electro forging at one end
Electro forging at one end
Electro forging at one end
Electro forging at one end

Before proceeding with the project,feasibility must always be verified and approved in keeping with the customer’s design.To build parts with electro-forging at one end we use: carbon steel, stainless steels, special steels, aluminium and nickel and titanium alloys.

Heat treatments:
We can carry out heat treatments for reclamation, normalisation and annealing for carbon steels, and solubilisation and aging treatments depending on the type of alloy used.
Sand blasting can be performed following heat treatments.

Product applications:
The product is aimed at at manufacturers of transmission shafts, shafts, gears,drive shafts,pinions,extensions for the oil & gas, tie rods for the railway and earthmoving machinery.

Resistance, quality and uniformity

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